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Detailed Web Hosting and Service by Insty

The best hosting system built

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The Insty system was built by a marketer for marketers. You are helped from getting stuck by technical troubles. Insty’s ‘Drag and Drop’ system will help you make sites that help you make money online. Insty has taken the hard work out of making a marketing based site.

Once you are in the canvas, just put in your words and start pairing your content with a beautiful design, block-by-block. Within minutes, you’ll have a complete, beautiful webpage. If you can stack blocks, you can build a site. It’s that simple, yet powerful and fully customizable with better content; it is better focused, and better designed for results in mind.

Most importantly, your site will be geared to get visitors. Creating fresh content is as easy as jotting down your latest thought. Search engines (like Google) are a BIG part of the website industry, and they reward your great content with lots of visitors.

When others give you less, we at Insty give you more. We at Insty don’t lock you in and actually make it easy for you to ‘venture out’ and try new technologies if you want to. You don’t have to; but, here at Insty you have the freedom to. Insty pages builder is integrated into a standard cPanel account, which means you have a significant advantage. You can use WordPress along with our Insty pages builder. Insty is the only host provider that does this.

Your website will be successful. Whether you are looking to sell physical, or virtual products (or even both), or make money recommending products to your loyal followers, Insty has you covered for Easy eCommerce, Recurring revenue, being an affiliate and getting paid to recommend.

As a marketer you’ve got to build lists and at Insty Email marketing is easy to do by building newsletters, capturing leads, and by setting up automated response sequences to drive traffic to your site. Insty has created a powerfully simple email marketing system and integrated it seamlessly into your website. Insty wants you to stay focused and Insty’s support is in your corner and is your most valued tool. You don’t need coaching, Insty is here to help you. Insty has different plans; one that will fit your needs.

Insty review is easy under a 14 day $1.00 trial

RAL Hi-Jax to maximize clicks and higher commissions

Hi JaX, by RAL, is for any marketer or business, for any niche and for making profits Facilitates Increased Traffic by combining bonus page with sales page

“Hi Jax” is a scarcity and pagejacking software developed by Brett Rutecky and was released February 22th, 2018. The claim of this software is to reduce lost traffic by overlaying a video which offers a bonus by overlaying a sales page that has been pagejacked. Since sending traffic directly to a sales page does not convert very effectively, landing pages (or sometimes called bridge pages) are typically used to pre-sell visitors with the use of a bonus or bonuses and other incentive offer(s). However, due to the typically inherent additional step, traffic is often lost. The RAL Hi Jax minimizes lost traffic by simplifying the process. Traffic converts much better because the action process only requires a single step prior to purchasing.

Albeit, other softwares by developer such as VideoTakeover and Super Jacker – the cloud version (successor to the Jack Jacker and Jack Jacker Gold plugins) use similar approach methodology; the Hi Jax tool was developed with a specific purpose in mind which it does superbly.

The most power-jacking tool ever made for affiliate marketers. Comes with both the software and the training.


Welcome to MoneySealTM is a recently opened small time enterprise, offering unique and useful software and internet tools to the internet and web based users on line. Stay tuned for any interesting products that may find its way onto our pages… Thanks for dropping by and feel free to come back at your leisure and pleasure.

Play and Win, a top level email list builder

Play and Win, an email list building MACHINE with slots and spin wheel

Play and Win is simple system for building a marketer’s email list by providing an easy and fun approach to subscribers to receive a chance to Win an available product (prize).

Play and Win is a slots and wheel of fortune game for email list creation and social interaction to facilitate increased marketing potential. This product is intended to work well with the myMailit E-mailer platform.

Play and Win is a one time payment with PayPal or through credit card

myMailit Autoresponder Emailer Platform

The myMailIt service will provide you an emailing and autoresponder program very cost effectively. This is especially usefull for those small businesses and business start ups when business expenses need to be mitigated and kept low for the long run. Typically for active online marketers and large firms, emailing is one of the larger ongoing expenses. A new platform is on the scene now, providing a needed change.

myMailIt released to the public early April 2018

myMailIt is going to grow quickly by providing a suitably functional and cost effective system for marketers, entrepreneurs, small business and established firms.

Experienced marketers realy like myMailit
If you have any kind of online business you will need to have (or get) an email service. All existing providers charge very hefty recurring monthly fees – until now with myMailit! myMailit is an emailing autoresponder system that the developer/creator solely uses; and will be a good fit for anyone… I am going to be using this system a lot now that it is being made available to the public. Get this top tier marketing tool that I am confident will help you with your business.


myMailIt emailing and autoresponder

When it comes to myMailit, it is a full featured, cloud based email platform that allows unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails without a monthly fee. While this is the ‘next evolution’ to the original MailIt plugin do not let the similar name fool you. It is not an upgrade or a new version. myMailIt is not a WordPress plugin and is a completely new system build from the ground up as a cloud based platform with a ton of new features such as:

The ability to schedule emails and have them go out at any date or time in the future. You can set the platform to work in any timezone you like, and the system will also automatically create an alternate text based version of your emails for maximum deliverability.

The ability to create unlimited automatic follow up sequences that get sent to your subscribers. These sequences can also have unlimited emails in them.

The ability to create email lists that are single or double optin so you can be complaint with local emailing  regulations. You can also create forms that are designed to be compliant with the new European Union GDPR regulations.

A full featured drag and drop form builder so you can create optin forms that make you look professional and get maximum conversions.

Full stat tracking and reporting.

… and way to many more features to list here…

RAL Autonars

RAL Autonars is the conversion SOLUTION for any online marketer Fully Automate webinar delivery using Autonars. Autonars, by RAL, offers the conversion solution for anyone online. Webinars are today’s infomercials of the internet and are therefore great for converting prodpects into buyers better than any other means. Autonars lets you fully automate webinar delivery and puts your profit making on autopilot.

Consider this: No monthly fess, no need for you to be live on each session as the software takes care of everything.

With ZERO monthly fees for unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees… that in itself is a treat!

Opt-in Page on the Internet



This site contains notably the “fastest” Opt-in Page on the Internet. On the HOME PAGE you will see and be able to use the fastest opt-in page to be found. With the use of a race car you can accelerate yourself on to the success you deserve and desire. Nothing will hold you back from crossing the finish line once you enter (name and email) , submit and apply… short of you slamming on the brakes.

Make use of the web form and decide to opt in; learn how to make money online and be part of a top affiliate program.

Once you have a smoothly functioning landing page drawing interested subscribers you’ll be at a stage where you might consider sleeping in a bag and snoozing; that is the intention of a well built capture page – to streamline your efforts so you can relax or devote more time to other important matters.

There are several terminologies’ used in describing basically what you see as an example and is illustrated on the home page of Money Seal (formerly “Road 2 Success”). These terms include (Lead) Capture Page, Landing Page, Opt-in Page (Optin Page) or Squeeze Page for example.

Opt-in Page Requires Understanding

Opt-in web pages play an important role in optimizing your pay-per-click advertisements or email campaigns, so you should dedicate an extensive initiative to keeping your landing pages clean as well as functional. It can be an extensive chore to go through; but, it eventually will pay off by increasing your site traffic and sales.

Point #1:
Utilize one landing page for every service or product. If you have enough resources, it’s ideal that you develop a different landing page and campaign for each service or product. If you provide a vast array of products or services, you can organize them based on service or product type and then develop a solitary landing page for every kind.

In order to gain advantage over their competitors, many people invest reams of time, money, and also initiative for pay-per-click projects, promo e-mails, and even newsletters. Lots of on the internet marketing professionals concentrate and place too much attention on persuading visitors to click links indicated in their advertisements, and not enough emphasis is provided as to structure and even content of the websites where those hyperlinks direct to. To the reader’s dissatisfaction, some connected sites scarcely consist of substantial amount of quality information.

If you wish to reap and keep a string of loyal customers, you require to provide a landing website that has excellent design as well as quality content.

Point #2:
Keep your write-ups clear and even succinct. Besides their attention deficit disorder, a lot of people that do searching online have actually limited time to invest facing their personal computers (PCs). Expounding your points in just two to three sentences (or you could write your points in bulleted listings) is far more suitable than lengthy and even laborious paragraphs.

Point #3:
Indicate your clear call to action. Consistently place an “Add to Cart” link beside the choice description and even cost list of each services or product. Use “Enter e-mail to subscribe” to help on discount emails and even e-newsletters, or “Click here to download” if your solution includes access to documents or a software application.

Point #4:
Don’t ask for numerous details / individual’s information from your visitors – unless it is warranted for making a charge card purchase for your products. Asking for the users’ name and even email address suffices. You need to assure the individuals that the information will be kept personal.

Point #5:
Use the landing page to offer basic product info. This may consist of product images, descriptions of things, cost of each item and amount or length of service. Short endorsements from your existing customers can additionally assist your efforts.

Point #6:
Do not direct site visitors to your homepage i.e. away from your advertising for a particular deal. Remember you are trying to prevent your prospect purchasers from straying from the possible investment or sign-up activities that you want them to take.

Point #7:
Don’t overdo it with your web style. Prevent fancy sights as they can draw the emphasis to your readers away from the articles in your websites. Keep a constant appearance and also feel to your website – it assists that objective if you utilize the very same colors, font styles, lay-outs, and navigation buttons throughout your website.

Create a Capture Page

XCESS (affiliate programs)
Optin first – Then Create a Capture Page

Xcess doesn’t hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Within Xcess there are very real people, with very real results. Our emails, we send, are not like the usual marketing emails you get; they are very direct with no-fluff and will teach those of you enrolled how to start (and grow) your online business. What is taught is based on real world experience. We’ve proven it works on our own business, and only therewith will we ever offer it to you as advice.

You’re likely subscribed into a few dozen other marketers email lists… and one of your biggest frustrations is likely an overwhelm of information. You’re not sure who to listen to, or what exactly you should be doing right now to get those dollars flooding in.

HELP Me – Setting Up A Capture Page with LeadPages

Mobe’s MTTB program is intended to change that. It is a straightforward means to make money from home. It is an online money making format for at home moms and at home dads or young and old online entrepreneurs. The point of any of Mobe’s chest thumping, is that what MTTB teaches actually works. You just need to stick with it, read the daily email series, and TAKE ACTION.

Here’s the next step: Make sure you watch Mobe’s intro video where it talks about how to get high ticket sales that pay you 1.25k, 3.3 k, and 5.5k (sure beats making puny little ones)!

Below is a list of a few Marketing partner creations for you to look at… consider…
• Life couldn’t be easier & more fun [viral medic .com]
• 21-Step Business System [MTTB 1/3/5k commissions]
• Secret System [Your 1st sale in 14 days Guaranteed]
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Make sure you check ’em out and then take that first step and take action here. It is a great way to make money online from home.

Mobe can offer a great source of income. Combining the income from MTTB, 401k with other earnings will successfully provide for financial freedom during retirement or may permit you to retire early. Trying to start an online business, augment an income stream, earn more towards a retirement nest-egg… then start here!

Mobe has an unheard of guarantee in the online marketing industry… “Guarantee You’ll Make A Commission Within 30 Days Of Completing The Steps… Or We’ll Pay You $500 In CASH!”

This is your friend – a complete system.

Acquiring Visitors To Newsletter Opt-in
Folks are now much more protective of their e-mail addresses trying more and more to limit junk mail. Additionally, they are worried that their email information will be marketed to people that will certainly pound them with ads. An understanding that individuals do not desire manipulation and that they desire valuable content from you will support their interest.

So just what the heck are you supposed to do in obtaining your site visitors to opt-in to your e-newsletter? Prove yourself first to them. Offer individuals a factor of trust before asking them to opt-in.

One preferred way is to execute reverse capture pages at the base of an article provide a cost free download to opt into the e-newsletter. Then, the subscriber will have already viewed some of what is offered, as well as if they like the material being supplied they’re likely want more, hence the free report.

Yes, getting folks to opt-in is getting tougher than before in order to make some money from clients; but, if you put in the time and effort as well as doing it well, you’ll still be rewarded with terrific earnings.

So you have obtained a site and you also have a newsletter. Well, it used to be as simple as placing a little box on your website that said register here for my newsletter; individuals didn’t require much prodding to be willing to subscribe – they simply subscribed because they thought it was enjoyable to receive informative e-mail. Those days are long gone. Now getting folks to decide to enter into your newsletters is considerably more difficult; however, it’s still very achievable. Give people a reason to trust you just before asking them to opt-in.

article continues other page

Killer Capture Page

Squeeze Page Tricks – keeping it simple: The how to generating tons of Leads when it comes to Your Capture Page

The best approach to a long term and consistent way to making money online (and easily from home) is honesty, integrity, a good product and a concise, landing page and stimulating content. Keep it simple, yet complete.

Constructing a listing? It’s kind of like one of those “I’ll do it tomorrow” things. There is not a lot of allure in it. However, list building is assuredly the most vital thing you could do on the web for reaping profits. You obtain an e-mail address, after that support and nurture the subscriber with informative material so that they will be happy to part with their money on the product(s) you are and will be promoting.

So, “exactly how do you obtain folks” you might be asking, in order to build up your list. The very best means is by developing a squeeze page (a.k.a. lead capture page). Once upon a time this was extremely straightforward, your web page could literally consist of a few words of text consisting of a headline or title, conveying some simple message and contain one large “Subscribe Now!” button.

Today the key aspect is that your squeeze page ‘appears’ as though it is part of a much larger site. Given that you’re not bent on deceiving the online search engines, as that will never serve you well in the long run, your only recourse is to provide some content material and linking.

The key feature here is ‘appears’, as long as your capture page looks something like a routine web page, you’ll do great. Always remember that a little extra (hard) work will take you on a longer road of success.

To obtain clicks at an affordable rate, your squeeze page requires:
  A relevant heading or headline. Your headline should be indicative (with some matching words) of your advert as well as your keyword and keyword phrases.
  Good content with a couple hundred words on your topic will certainly work.
  You consider links to various other web pages on your website and off-site (preferably to another site you have). Incorporate a few pages of articles and try including pages on contact / about / privacy policy. Having a site map is good practice to stick with.

This ought to keep Google and the PPC search engines content.

Prepare a signup form. Include good incentive(s) that will invoke subscribers to act and click that “large sized subscription button” you are going to include.

Techniques for a Killer Capture Page 

Successful capture pages have been known to have conversion rates of 30-60% and some also greater. The conversion rates mentioned here are the portions of visitors that prefer to opt-in to a subscriber list by completing the fields made available.

A press web page is typically made use of in combination with an e-mail autoresponder to start providing information when the visitor confirms their e-mail address. The autoresponder may be made use of in order to send a series of follow-up e-mails, to supply an instant download web link to provide information or a combination of both

Developing an extremely targeted client listing is possibly one of the most successful aspects you can do on the web. A highly targeted list of e-mail client permits the owner to market either his or her services and products or other people’s products with a higher assurance for success. However, with the expansion of spam, consumers are extremely cautious and becoming more and more reluctant about providing their e-mail addresses.

By providing encouraging information to the subscriber after they have confirmed their email address has proven to be an efficient technique of raising opt-ins. For instance, if your newsletter targets baseball you could offer baseball manual e-book free of charge. When your customers join your e-mail list, you need to mail promptly and properly otherwise you will lose customers as they decide to opt out of your subscriber list should you fail to provide the offered goods and/or services.

A Squeeze page is not purely a website that provides a capture activity. A squeeze page’s main objective is to produce leads where the significant purpose of the page or website catches a name as well as e-mail address. Squeeze web page is developed for emphasis and to attract the attention of the visitor to applying activity at some stage and opt in to your list to find out more. As a general rule of the thumb, Internet Marketers attempt to keep the content on their Capture Pages to a minimum. Usually no web links to other web pages are provided as additional info might distract the individual or cause them to browse away to a different site.

The heading in your capture web page is one of the most fundamental aspects for it is the very first key impression directed to the visitors to your site. This is where you need to mesmerize the potential prospect with an attention getting heading which will force them to proceed reading your content. Your headline has to be clear and concise, directed to the offer and be able to provide a sense of attachment with your site visitors to an emotional degree.


In the world of Internet Marketing, the subscriber and that created email list is taken to be considered as one of the most crucial components and perhaps far more crucial than the sales itself; because of this, marketing professionals commit a large quantity of time and money to collect a “listing” of extremely targeted customers.

The most effective means to getting folks on to subscribe to your listing is to start off by building a capture page (also known as landing web page). Such a basic squeeze web page has then a heading, some message(s) and directs and allows visitors to register their name and e-mail address in the given areas(s) provided. Press pages additionally could be utilized as a device to relieve customer concerns and issues. Internet marketers experienced on internet businesses develop “Squeeze Pages” that specify just what the subscriber will be getting together with companies’ personal privacy statement(s) and additional requirements.
How to create a Lead Capture Page in 5 minutes

Acquiring Visitors To Newsletter Opt-in (continued from)

You are now at a stage where you would like to get people to actually opt-in and sign up for your e-newsletter. Exactly how will you entertain that? Obviously, simply promising important material isn’t really adequate. You are going to approach them and entice them to opt-in by providing a free of cost item such as tutorials, videos, podcasts, software program i.e. something that will legally offer them worth. Essentially, what you’re constructing is what Internet markets call a reverse press web page.

Once you have your subscriber and begin sending them your e-newsletter, do not begin pestering and pounding them with promotions. You have to provide them with valuable material in your newsletters at the onset. Warm them up… with light (but important) information, free downloadable material, mention tales and at some point, if at an appropriate time, offer a promotional deal; but, not in every e-mail.